HBCU News presents Tougaloo College

Tougaloo College is probably one of the lesser known of the HBCUs.  It is a small private college just outside of Jackson Mississippi in a small community called Tougaloo. In fact, your first exposure to Tougaloo was probably in the 2011 movie,  ‘The Help’ about a maid in the south. Perhaps you even missed it then. One of the actresses in the movie, Aunjanue L. Ellis actually attended Tougaloo college before transferring to Brown University to complete her education.

Bennie Thompson HBCU News presents Tougaloo College

Our main focus for presenting and supporting HBCUs is to increase the awareness of the valuable education that you can recieve from them.  Tougaloo college can definitely provide a very valuable education and has produced many successful graduates. Among the more successful graduates of Tougaloo is long time Congresman Bennie Thompson, who was the first chairman of the department of homeland security. Tougaloo College has recently erected a multi million dollar building in honor of congressman Thompson.

A famous Tougaloo College alum

In addition to congressman Thompson, more than 40% of Mississippi’s practicing African American physicians, dentists, other health professionals and attorneys are graduates of Tougaloo College.  Over 35% of the state’s teacher’s and administrators at the elementary and secondary level are also graduates of Tougaloo College.


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  1. Sechie Burns says:

    I work with a Tougaloo graduate. I have heard some nice things about how well respected the education is

  2. james c thomas says:

    Best wishes!Your blog is very good!

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